Replace broken tie rod Lynx Rave 600 RE rs kit 2015

I really didn’t notice that my tie rod was badly damaged until my brother noticed. I missed one driving weekend, but now its been change to new one. Its pretty complicated to change it because location is really hard to get. I also set it up later so its ok I was driving now two days and it work like a dream.

Trail in Ukkohalla Finland winter 2014 Ski-Doo MXZ 800 XRS -07

So I wanted to show my old sled of course it not possible compare these two because this is so much older, but it show how much sled have developed. Camera is same so its interesting how unstable video is for this if you compare videos to made with Lynx. I like it this beast even when it was little hard to know where it wanted to go. I had better shocks for rear Öhlins and front springs were also more stiff.

Unboxing and first night test -27C Crua Koala V2 Maxx hammock

So I bought this Indiegogo campaign and I got it really late, but finally I got it. And of course I had to test it right away. I have sleeping bag rated -29C comfort so this was easy it was pretty easy to set up, but cold make it little hard. I don’t know yet how much I use it summer and winter but it good have both options available…

Trails in Finland near Mikkeli Lynx Rave RE 600 RS kit 2015

So I was sledding with my friend near Mikkeli. If you want to know what kind of trails we have here in Finland this is for you. We are so called Sunday drivers we drive about five times a winter. There are lot of better drivers than we are. For us this is how we have fun and want to be drive so often we make our sled more stiff than its in factory settings. My friend has Lynx Rave RE 600 2012. I had GPS camera, but I was near speed limit couple times witch is 60km/h trails and 80km/h in lakes.